Monday, April 27, 2009

Religion involves the whole person

Here is a quote for my anonymous buddy to freak out on in the comments section.

But religion, once the glow of conversion [to atheism] had worn off, was not a matter of argument alone. It involves the whole person. Therefore I was drawn, over and over again, to the disconcerting recognition that so very many of the people I had most admired and loved, either in life or in books, had been believers. Reading Louis Fischer’s Life of Mahatma Gandhi, and following it up with Gandhi’s own autobiography, The Story of My Experiments With Truth, I found it impossible not to realise that all life, all being, derives from God, as Gandhi gave his life to demonstrate. Of course, there are arguments that might make you doubt the love of God. But a life like Gandhi’s, which was focused on God so deeply, reminded me of all the human qualities that have to be denied if you embrace the bleak, muddled creed of a materialist atheist. It is a bit like trying to assert that music is an aberration, and that although Bach and Beethoven are very impressive, one is better off without a musical sense. Attractive and amusing as David Hume was, did he confront the complexities of human existence as deeply as his contemporary Samuel Johnson, and did I really find him as interesting? A N Wilson


Anonymous said...

well some ppl try to invent terms to power a weak argument.

what is a materialist atheist?

it merely means there is a type of atheist which is non materialist.

in this case the word materialist is simply hinted to be something bad, therefore by placing the word before atheist it wishes to associate the two and form a term.

in conclusion: a materialist atheist is bad.
in deduction: therefore all atheist are materialist
n so they are all bad.

i even see something like materialist darwinian.

well in tis case there are also

infidel darwinians

moronic darwinians

and zealous darwinians

u can cook up anything as long as it sounds evil enough.

the tactic is reused n it is very simple, assign a bad meaning to a word, then associate the word with which ever group of ppl u wish to attack.

this is all very dishonest speech, arguments based on playing with words.

for those who are new to language, lets take this opportunity to have a short practice..

there are also terms such as a :

Materialist Christian,

Militant Christian,

Fundamentalist Christian,

Demagogic Christian,

the list goes on, i would not be wasting time elaborating.

there are also rapist pastors, money embezzling priests and corrupt popes.

to be honest n of cos there are also fake atheists, criminal atheists, idiotic agnostics n so on n so forth

more importantly there are christians pretending to be christians

n christians who claim/think they convert to agnosticism/atheism, but all the while they are really just pretending to be atheists, after they got bored, they simply switch back to pretending to be christians again.

a non-materialist-phobic agnositc said...

the above comment is for my materialist-phobic apologist blog owner to freak out on.

Anonymous said...

n whats with all that nonsense with Mahatma Gandhi??

gandhi was never a christian, why do christians love to repeat the same old pathetic trick of claiming anyone who has a popular pubic standing as one of their own?

any historians worth their salt will have a good laugh.

read all the major quotes gandhi had ever said abt his own faith n if u can conclude that he is a christian, tell me abt it.

these are the same ppl who will deny that hitler is a catholic n claim that einstein is a christian.

which happens to be the funniest joke i had heard in years.

they will tell u thomas jefferson is also a christian even though he's a deist.

seriously there is no end to their nonsense, they would even argue that the corrupted popes are technically not christians.

just like attempting to ally with popular culture, they will try to claim whoever who's is popular with the public to belong to their gang.

Anonymous said...

I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ. The materialism of affluent Christian countries appears to contradict the claims of Jesus Christ that says it's not possible to worship both w:Mammon and God at the same time.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Cure of Ars said...

I agree with Gandhi's quote. Nothing worse than a Christian who doesn't follow Jesus. Sometimes I fit into that group, other times I don't.

Anonymous said...

well, u can agree with anyone all u like but gandhi is not a christian.

sometimes is? what? 50 percent of the time? or less?

the truth is most christian fail to live up to what they preach or what their pastors preach for most of the time.

who is more hypocrite that ppl who erect a huge set of idealistic code of conduct n fail to live up to it for most of the time??

the set of conduct is really just for show, something u whip out of your pocket to attack other competing faiths and for bragging rights on who has more "noble" ideals or who's idol is more "noble", after u finish using this big stick to hit other religions on their heads u put it back into your pocket n forget abt it until u need to use it to hit somebody on another occasion.