Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Miracle of Life

From Catholic Media House


Anonymous said...

this is verbal abuse from the religious on dawkin's blog, see how crazy these ppl are. religious state, yeah right, if we have more of these ppl around, then the world is truly doomed.

From John Doe:

Dawkins, you and your atheist friends cannot win. America WILL become a Christian Republic even if we have to write a whole new constitution. Millions of us are dedicated to this righteous cause. We will suceed. And then we will invade godless countries like "Great" Britain and kill all of your heathens. First we need to take care of things at home and in the Middle East but we will get around to Europe. You Godless freaks will die but then you will roast in hell for infinite time. Goodbye you loser.


Anonymous said...

honest words from a reformed christian:

After nearly lifetime of slavery, I broke free from the cephalopodic clutches of the Evangelical Assemblies of God about one year ago this month. Having graduated from an Assemblies of God college and worked as a pastor, I always managed to drown my nagging doubts and rational impulses in a well of faith. But what started as a simple reexamination of my beliefs quickly became a full-fledged deconversion, partly because of "The Root of All Evil" and "The Blind Watchmaker". The depth of truth and the affirmation of rationality as a method of knowing truth struck to the core of my existence - it freed me from a horrifically superstitious and irrational worldview. Although this change has been the source of an unimaginable amount of pain and dislocation in my family and circle of friends (what friends?), I still wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart and my newly free mind . I would not trade an ounce of my newfound freedom for a pound of my previous ignorant security.

Now for the question. As a Christian I had made it my habit to contact the writer of any work that I read and respected to ask them to answer the following:

"If you had to pick ten books that every human should read, what would they be?"

I received many answers and populated my library shelves with what I know now to be literal nonsense. If only I could recover the years spent reading and studying . . .

As a non-Christian who is rebuilding after a lifetime of ignorance, this is doubly important to me now. My library walls have been slowly repopulating with works that exalt rationality and truth, but I have a long way to go. I assure you that any recommendations that you make will be purchased and studied with the fervour that only a recovering Christian can muster.

I realize that you are certainly a busy man and I would appreciate any tidbits of thought that you could drop my way.

Virginia, USA

Christina said...

RE: movie

That's a really beautiful movie, I pray it changes hearts and minds. I wish there was some way to get this out into the public more often.

RE: crazy atheist spam

Do you normally get this stuff? Although, it almost might be a nice compliment, they obviously feel threatened by your nice blog.

The first is so laughable that one is inclined to think it's some atheist's parody of a religious person.

The second is simply laughable that anyone would go to Dawkins for reason and logic. As someone who's studied math, physics and logic, the utter lack of logic in The God Delusion made me want to pull out my hair. But my hair is pretty, so I settled for scribbling snotty comments in the margins.

a clown said...

wow, u r so smart, at least u r smarter than your church leaders who could not even muster anything in respond to The God Delusion, for at least u could scribble comments(which is mighty impressive achievement), so in a way u r better than your church leaders.

maybe u should be kind n give them a hand.

Mr Aquinas or Mr Plantinga cannot make me feel threatened, but this blog is special, is indeed true that this blog actually make me feel threatened, i must say his arguments are so so remarkably impressive than i took more than 50 hours to think of an answer to each of his counter arguments.

i very sure austin cartwight is the greatest apologist in this decade, i am also sure than u r very jealous indeed.

but i do have to be honest, your blog is not worth 5mins of my time. u need to work hard.

i am someone who actually study fine art, colour theory and aesthetics, i do not wish to be immodest, but i find the works of Picasso and Van Gogh so horrendous i wanted to pull my hair out, but my hair is pretty so it does not make sense to part with them.

Christina said...

"at least u r smarter than your church leaders who could not even muster anything in respond to The God Delusion"

What about God is No Delusion, Answering the New Atheism, The Dawkins Delusion, or The Delusion of Disbelief? There are many others written by Catholic and otherwise. That's quite a muster...

"but i do have to be honest, your blog is not worth 5mins of my time. u need to work hard."

Blog? What blog? Oh! You mean that thing that I've not posted to in 6 months. Dude, that's obviously not worth 5 min of my time, I hope you didn't spend too much time there.

Anonymous said...

from your comments, i am under the impression that it is highly questionable if u ever did read the books you are talking abt, if u didn't pls don't pretend that u did. (while i am not a catholic, i would wish to remind u that pretending is not exactly a virtue, regardless of motivation or excuses)

While the God Delusion is far from flawless, those books written to counter it fails to counter any of its arguments in any significant manner.

as i usually expect from religious ppl, theres nothing new they can muster except from vomiting out watever old n reused arguments over n over again, invent their OWN subjective interpretations of the events and "metaphors"(yes, religious ppl like metaphorical interpretations when things gets inconvenient ) and serve up their own butchered version of the scriptures with selective omissions.

if u really read any of these books, do tell me any one especially innovative and convincing argument they offered which u think is the deal clincher.

i'll be more than happy to point out where the author borrowed it from if u can come up with one.

it is a compliment to cartwright if i spent any time here, perhaps u are jealous, but not to worry, i already told him i am almost done.

lastly i do not wish to be immodest, but i think i do know a thing or 2 more than u when it comes to non-religious books, if u r really interested,

[ Against all gods ] by professor A C Grayling makes a good read, my recommendation for polemics written in good taste and humour.

Cure of Ars said...

Hi Christina,

Thanks for you kind words. Please don't waste your time with the peanut gallery. I just keep the posts by Mr. Anonymous because I get a kick out of them.