Saturday, April 04, 2009

Atheist, Nones, and Religion

My sister brought this to my attention. I think it fits into the, how not to be a turkey, as a Church.


Anonymous said...

let me summarize what this bugger in the video is trying to say,

the numbers of unreligious are increasing which is INCONVINENT, but we shall cleverly categorize them in a different category so we will never have to acknowledge that hitchens and his poo poo head gang is making any headway.

we MUST never acknowledge this shocking phenomena, hitchens n all those silly monkeys must never be perceived as making any headway.

n we must use every trick in grandma's rhetorical trick book to make sure it doesn't happen.

we must criticize all the other christain denominations to make ourselves feel better, they r weak minded fools anyway.

we will criticize all the others for not adhering to doctrine even thought most of our worshippers only adhere to the superficial like them, we will criticize them in advance so that we acquire the moral high ground.

the war has begun, the atheist poo poo heads, the protestants, muslims, dinosaurs, hindus, buddists, taoist, heretics, monkeys, evolutionists, scientists, biologists,the media clowns, humanists, philosophers, jews, china communists, anglicans, academics, well, in fact everyone except us catholics ARE all our enemies n will will crush them all like flies with our magical holy book.

in other words we will take on the WORLD. bring it on.

all is poo, and WE are the greatest.

ME, ME, ME and more ME.

but still in the meantime, we need to pretend that we are compatible with reason and science.

Anonymous said...

the europeans are moving away from faith, beocs they are moving on.

we humans moved on when organized religion replaced ancient animal worship and astrology worship.

now, it is also time to move on from religion, it's a product of culture.

the europeans brought it with them to the united states n u ppl licked it up.

now, ppl are moving on, n u still wanna cling on to the past, i am pretty sure there are still some ppl who still clung on to animan worship, well, u buggers can join them then.

i can just say that the europeans are smarted in this except.

well, not surprisingly though.

who else would dig themselves such a big shithole like a subprime crisis and fall into it? certainly not smart people.