Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The only serious argument against God


Anonymous said...

don't try to apologise for something that is out of your depth.

he base assumption of this argument is based on the assumption that somehow if a god exist, humans are able to guess/pretend to know how this being perceive the big picture and this being's considerations when it created the universe.

in short, this is all guess work. which , unsurprising, is one of the favorite activities of a apologist.

i can also speculate and guess that from the perspective of a supreme being, killing is not even something evil in the first place, which does away with the whole concept of evil in the first place, to a supreme being there is no such thing as evil and good, from an timeless perspective, human perception counts for nothing, there for no issue that make any sense to humans should ever need to be discussed at all.

fro the timeless perspective all your arguments count for zilch, including arguments for god and against god, since it's just a ant's eye view.

i certainly make a better apologist than mr smart guy in black holding a book hur.

Anonymous said...

to talk abt problem of evil, one needs to talk abt the problem of free will, the problem of hell and the problem of limbo.

my suggestion to any serious person who is interest in this is to do active reading with books that has academic weight.

this kinda videos only serve up dumb down versions of arguments calibrated for mass consumers.

there is simply insufficient philosophical depth.

Anonymous said...

Almighty God: "how is it my servant?"

Smart Ass Angel: "sorry but either we can have a beautiful equation or we can have no evil"

Almighty God: "what happens if we have no evil?"

Smart Ass Angel: "an ugly equation"

Almighty God: "WHAT?!?!!?, WTF thats not good"

Smart Ass Angel: "Sorry sir u cant have both"

Almighty God: "Why not"

Smart Ass Angel: "ermmm, cos u CAN'T do it"

Almighty God: "Who says so !!"

Smart Ass Angel: "er... the stone which u cannot lift says so"

Almighty God: "WTF !!"

Almighty God: "i didn't even create the stone which is too heavy for me to lift "

Smart Ass Angel: "i am glad u remember that sir, u didn't create it becos you CAN'T"

Smart Ass Angel: "remember? u can't sir"

Almighty God: "ok, don't try to be too smart next time, i didn't create you to THINK so that u can contradict me !!"

Smart Ass Angel: "so what is your choice my lord"

Almighty God: " BEAUTIFUL !!! "

Almighty God " of cos everything must be damn beautiful, appearances are most important !!! surely u should have know me by now "

Smart Ass Angel: " as u wish my lord, beautiful picture with evil "

Smart Ass Angel : "in fact evil makes it so much more beautiful, u r so wise my lord "

Almighty God: " of cos, i am all knowing, very smart and all powerful "

Smart Ass Angel " and all good"

Almighty God: " i m not gonna fall for that kiddo, trying to be sarcastic hummm?"

Smart Ass Angel: " opps, no sir "

Almighty God: "now go n make my coffee before i whip your ass "

Smart Ass Angel: "yes, yes, at once sir, with milk sir?"

Almighty God: "of cos, plenty"

Smart Ass Angel: "evil sir? it will make the coffee look better sir"

Almighty: "sure, of cos, coffee has to look beautiful as well, or my divine eyes will hurt badly, u do not want that to happen do u?"

Smart Ass angel: "certainly not sir"

Almighty God: " now go get it done and remember to get the babies in limbo to shut up, they are damn noisy "

Anonymous said...

mr wise guy says, sorry, god cannot paint a beautiful picture without killing innocent deers with a forest fire.

sorry god cannot paint a beautiful picture without killing innocent babies via a freak accident that burns a hospital down by grilling babies over hot burning hospital beds over 5 hours.

god needs to give numerous innocent creatures a slow n painful death in order to fullfill his vain self-satisfying need to painting beautiful pictures.

how impressive. indeed.