Thursday, August 18, 2005

Apologetic Distortions

A danger with apologetics is that it can distort the faith. So much is focused on the controversial and supposed weakness that the center tenants of the faith get ignored. After awhile those from the outside start to believe that the controversial is central to the faith and the essentials become secondary. What’s worse is that apologetics themselves start to fall into this same trap.

Only way to correct these distortions is to focus more time on the central tenants than on the controversial. Apologetics must become secondary, while spirituality and theology become primary. This is indirect approach at its best. Reaping the fruit of the central tenants will spill over into the secondary making a more congruent and comprehensive defense. Maybe the indirect approach to apologetics is a straighter line to the truth when it goes unexpectedly through the central tenants first to finally address the controversial. The trick is being creative enough to lead them on this path without loosing them.

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