Monday, September 17, 2007

Journal Question

The junior high Confirmation class that I teach has started. After the opening prayer there is a journal entry that I have them write. So every week I need to come up with a journal topic. I figured that it would be interesting to put these questions on my blog. Feel free to answer the question in the comment section if you would like to share.

What is your earliest memory of a religious experience?

Here are a few of my earlier memories but I can’t remember which one is older.

My parents had a statue in their bedroom. It was a statue of the risen Jesus but the statue was supported by a wooden empty cross. I remember looking at it at night under the flicker of candle light. I was a little scared but at the same time I was at peace.

A religious sister stayed at our house for a few days. She gave me a rosary. I remember having a feeling of love for this lady who gave her whole life to Jesus. I remember going to the basement and praying with that rosary in my hand.

I remember going to a next door neighbor’s house who was babysitting me. I remeber hiding in the closet and flipping threw the pages of a children’s picture book Bible. I was fascinate with it. Something about those pictures of ancient events, which God was involved, intrigued me. (funny thing is, it was probably a book of Mormon picture book)


mundane4life said...

I had a dream about Mary and Jesus. They were about the size of statues and they were floating in the front yard. Then I started floating towards them at warped speed.

I don't remember the significance of the dream, but I do remember that it scared me a lot. I really did not enjoy it.

Things of the supernatural always tend to frighten me a little.

Anonymous said...

I remember learning how to look things up in the bible. I also sang in the church choir because my Aunt was the director. This was in the Mormon church. I never felt the presence of anything spiritual in this church. My first time in a Catholic church felt different. I could tell that something sacred, even erry was there. It sort of scared me too. It had a mystical quality about the inside of the church.