Friday, August 12, 2005

Old School Christians

This is from a conversation from a forum that I am on and I think it's funny:

From me:

For all my brothers from the to your bathrooms and set a mirror up next to this buddy icon. You will then understand what I mean. I'm speaking Orthodox flip mode.

From a Adventist:
I dont quite understand the Othodox Flip mode as of yet!
From me:

Catholics from the west side make the sign of the cross touching the left shoulder and then the right shoulder. Those from the east side make the sign of the cross touching their right shoulder and then their left. Its kinda like gangster signs for old school Christians to know what set your claiming. (hehehe) So with a mirror I would be showing an eastern sign of the cross flip mode. Capeesh?

From an Orthodox Christian:

I'm with that

Look at Jesus throw up this "East Side" sign


And just look at this bling

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