Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mr. Incredible and Jesus

It could be my imagination but Mr. Incredible reminds me a lot of Jesus. For example, Mr. Incredible is captured with his arms held out wide and his legs together in the form of a cross (see the picture above). Mr. Incredible believes that his family has died and they are his life and because of this, in a way, he dies. Mr. Syndrome dares him to repay evil for evil but Mr. Incredible chooses not to do this. Later, Mr. Incredible finds out that his family is not dead and through this situation the family gains new life and they concur evil. Now it is not totally the same but there are many similarities…coincidence? I think not.

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Cure of Ars said...

I did a poll over on phatmass to see if people thought I was seeing things or not. So far I have 8 people thinking I'm crazy, 12 people saying it's possible, and 2 people agreeing with me. The sad thing is that I am included as one of the two. Here is the link;