Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Michael D. O'Brien

The following are some Michael O'Brien links and quotes that may be useful for indirect literary apologetics. I will be updating this log as I come across more information and insight.


Catholic Educator's on O'Brien



(On Sacrifice
Rose tugged on Grandma’s sleeve and asked, “What is a sacrifice?”

“A sacrifice”. Oldmary whispered, “is when you take a heavy load on your back, like a hurt or a not-fairness. You give it to God and he puts it on the Gross of Jesus, the Big Sacrifice, and the Mass whish is also the Big Sacrifice. Then you have a part in it.”

“What kind of part?” Rose whispered.

“Part of mending.”

“Like sewing?”

“Yes. Sewing the ripped hide. Sewing the cut flesh. Stopping the blood that is pouring out too fast.”

“That is sacrifice?”

“That is sacrifice.”

“Does it hurt?”


(A Cry of Stone, Michael O'Brien)


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