Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Discerning Foes from Allies

I made this private message to an Orthodox Christian on a Protestant Web site.
Please do not bring up issues between the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church on the 123 Christian forum. Example; The Filioque, Papism, The Great SchismFrom my point of view we are practically brothers in faith. Now brothers can have disagreements but you don’t air your dirty laundry with mixed company. It’s just bad form. I believe that it is to our advantage if we have a unified front. Now I am just asking. But just to let you know, I will not be responding to the issues that our faiths have with one another on this forum no matter what you decide.

Your separated brother in faith,

Austin Cartwright

He made this response;

In agree, Cure- I think that we shall see communion between East and West, perhaps in our lifetime. And I agree that bringing up those issues on this board is bad form- my apologies.

When I wrote down those issues, I was actually thinking about the error on both parts. I see the Filioque as a misunderstanding that need not have went further than it did (and we now have agreement on this issue), the Schism as being a mutual failure...only Papism in strict form do I see as a Western error. But the way that JP II described his position, and described the Vicarship, I would not describe as Papism. These issues are being ironed out by our (West and East)Bishops/hierarchs- may God guide them together. Anyway, I love my Catholic brethren, and meant and mean no offense. Comment well taken and taken to heart

Yours in Christ

In battle it is important discerning foes from allies. This interaction I had is true ecumenism. We were not compromising our beliefs but we are wise enough to know when to team up. If I am on an Atheist website I do not discuss differences with Protestants and when I am on a Protestant website I do not discuss difference with those of the Orthodox faith. There is a time and place for these types of things. One thing is for sure I made an ally.

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