Tuesday, August 21, 2007

You can get with this...Or you can get with that

To put it bluntly, today Europe appears to have very few values to share. The reluctance of some immigrant to integrate exposes this fact: that those who uphold the European ideal (or at least are supposed to uphold it) are often little emperors with no clothes.

Maybe we need cultural pessimists like Heinsohn in order to wake us from complacency. But then, cultural and political pessimism only breeds a sense of fatalism – and there is nothing inevitable about the fate of Europe. Thankfully, the difficulties afflicting Europe in the current period are not the consequence of laws of nature or of irreversible demographic forces. Europe is politically, not physically, exhausted. What we need to do is renew public life by having a grown-up discussion about the kind of societies we want to live in. We need to encourage genuine political experimentation, and overcome our addiction to the technocratic fixes pursued by the EU elites. Let us begin by acknowledging that, indeed, the emperor has no clothes. Link

I mostly agree with this prognosis but I would take it a step further. The problem with post modern secular Europe is that is is Godless and gutless. Rather than having a “grown-up discussion” I would recommend that Europe reject the culture of death (as in start having children) and run as fast as possible to its Judaeo -Christian roots. If not, prepare to be an Islamic nation.

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