Thursday, August 30, 2007

scandle as "evidence"

A Winchester post on Phatmass...

Offered as "evidence" of the corruption and falsity of the Catholic Faith are sins of Catholics, clergy, laity and religious.

I submit that this is a pointless and completely dishonest tactic. I myself know that Catholics do evil things all the time. I cannot locate in my (admittedly larger than a Protestant or "fundamental" Baptist, whatever that is) Bible the passage that indicates becoming a Christian removes the capacity for free will. I cannot find the passage that says once one becomes a Christian, one never, ever sins again, or that sin proves the invalidity of the religion the sinner claims as his own. I cannot locate the passage that says sinners are prevented from claiming a religion, misusing the religion, attending services of said religion without any real faith. I have personally witnessed avowed atheists walk into churches of several denominations and neither burst into flames nor writhe in any form of agony. Apparently, one can enter and even participate in a religious service and not truly believe.

I submit to you that the Bible, inspired by God, is accurate in claiming that man has free will. I further submit that defects in man's nature, due to the stain of sin, permit him to hold opposite beliefs at the same time. This is due to various things, such as an unwillingness to release all the things of this world, personal experience, habit, obstinance, or stupidity. I submit that people are stupid. I submit that I am stupid in at least a few areas of my person, and further that you are stupid in some areas as well. Free will is given to us by God, and He does not take it away. Our capacity for sin, our capacity to partially accept beliefs, to mingle beliefs, to pervert beliefs, does not end. The Bible never indicates that we can make a single decision and live free of sin. Temptation is not simply the result of actual sin. Jesus was tempted, and He was undoubtedly sinless. He did not give in. He could have. He was, if one believe the Bible, fully human and fully divine. A belief rejected by, among others, Arians and the Cathars. If, indeed, one remains capable of choosing sin, then sin is no proof against the validity of the religion of the sinner. Mentioning these acts, then, as an attack against the religion is disingenuous. In shorter terms, it is a deception. Another word for deception is lie. One who pursues lies as a matter of course is a liar. The father of lies is Satan. The lather of flies is very tiny and can only be observed using a magnifying glass. The magnifying glass was invented by Morgan Freeman in "Prince of Thieves," a harmless Kevin Costner movie depicting the legend of Robin Hood. Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. The Poor Knights of Christ, according to their website (Predicting thread: "How can the 'poor' Knights of Christ afford a website?" (answer: THEY ARE EVIL! THE POPE IS THE ANTICHRIST) particularly addres those who: "contemn to follow their will and wish to serve with purity and courage in the Chivalry of the true and supreme Sovereign." The will, specifically free will, is the original topic of this thread.

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