Thursday, October 04, 2007

Rationalism and Fundamentalism are Mirror Images

I got this graph from this blog. I think this is a very interesting concept by Soren Kiekegaard. The graph shows an inverse correlation between certainty and personal importance. A quote from the blog explaining the graph...

On one extreme you have the facts of logic and mathematics; ultimately provable and objective, but not at all important to me as an individual existing human being. This is the realm of logic. On the other extreme is my eternal happiness; ultimately important to me, but not at all provable or objective. This is the realm of faith. (In the middle lie facts of science and history, childhood memories, and whether my wife loves me.) Link

I think this concept relates to rationalism. Rationalism tends to cut off or reduce the existential side of human life because it is uncertain. They are really acting like Christian fundamentalist who ignore science but they are its mirror image. They reject faith instead of science but both parts are true and important.

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