Saturday, October 20, 2007

Horror Movies and Indirect Apologetics

Fr. Erik Richtsteig, a priest that I personally know and love was recently on The Journey Home. It is an interesting show and can be seen here. Father Eric was born into a Mormon family and his conversion from Mormonism to the Catholic faith is the main focus of the show. An interesting aspect of Father Eric’s conversion was what I would consider a type of indirect apologetics. He talks about how the classic old time horror movies influenced him towards the Catholic Church. He explained that these movies always showed the reality of good and evil and that it was the priest with his crucifix that scared Dracula.

Fr. Erik has his own blog this is always fun to read. Orthometer


EegahInc said...

Well, obviously, I'm going to agree with Fr. Erik on this one. And while the horror genre, like everything else, has moved more towards a relativistic "gray" outlook on things, I would still be willing to bet it's the one genre where the majority of stories come down to choosing between right and wrong.

Jeff Miller said...

It is also interesting how Catholic friendly Brok Stroker was considering that he was not a Catholic.

In the book pieces of a Eucharistic Host are used to prevent a vampire from being able to get out.

Cure of Ars said...

Dang I got the big boys posting on my blog. :)

I agree with you guys