Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Self-esteem (i.e. Self-Pride) Fallacy

Another study showing the pride does not pay. I recomend reading the rest of the article if you have children.

From 1970 to 2000, there were over 15,000 scholarly articles written on self-esteem and its relationship to everything—from sex to career advancement. But results were often contradictory or inconclusive. So in 2003 the Association for Psychological Science asked Dr. Roy Baumeister, then a leading proponent of self-esteem, to review this literature. His team concluded that self-esteem was polluted with flawed science. Only 200 of those 15,000 studies met their rigorous standards.

After reviewing those 200 studies, Baumeister concluded that having high self-esteem didn’t improve grades or career achievement. It didn’t even reduce alcohol usage. And it especially did not lower violence of any sort. (Highly aggressive, violent people happen to think very highly of themselves, debunking the theory that people are aggressive to make up for low self-esteem.) At the time, Baumeister was quoted as saying that his findings were “the biggest disappointment of my career.” (link)

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Thank you again for the information you have placed on your blog. Regarding this post, and the article you quote from, I currently have 3 families I am counseling in my practice where this topic is the dominant issue. I like the topics you are selecting, as well as the intellectual process you are using to arrive to constructive answers. Thank-you again. Jim Hogue