Thursday, February 01, 2007

"Accountabalism" and the sex abuse scandal

As an amature computer chair apologist it is hard to deal with the sex abuse scandal. How do you defend the indefensible? You don’t. I have heard it said that the corruption of the best is the worst and this is true with the Priests who abused. This is really the only response that I know when the subject is brought up. And I have spent many sleepless nights thinking about the issue.

I guess it’s the 5th "anniversary" of the breaking of the sex abuse scandal. (Let the confetti be thrown and blow the party horns) I have seen/heard these "anniversary" type specials on both PBS and NPR. They seem to push the idea that the scandal stems from some systemic problem of the Catholic Church. There is a problem with this view, a view that has been coined as "Accountabalism".

Accountabalism assumes perfection—if anything goes wrong, it’s a sign that the system is broken. That’s not true even of mechanical systems: Entropy, friction, and manufacturing tolerances ensure that no machine works perfectly. Social systems are incapable of anything close to perfection, so if something goes wrong in one, that need not mean the system is broken. If an employee cheats on expenses by filling in taxi receipts for himself, the organization doesn’t have to “fix” the expense-reporting system by requiring that everyone travel with a notary public. (Breakthrough Ideas for 2007)

There are some basic, common sense things that were implemented like reporting to police when there is an allegation of sex abuse. I think this is great and what any decent Bishop would have done anyway. But for NPR and PBS this is not enough. Women need to become priest. Priest need to be married. The Church needs to turn into a democracy so that public opinion can tell the holy Spirit that abortion is a right. Religion should be compartmentalised as much as possible. Basically they have the agenda to twist the Church into their own image and it has nothing really to do with sex abuse but more to do with their own agenda.


Kay Goodnow said...

Love the word "accountabalism!" Sounds like a mix of cannibalism, which occurs when priests consume the souls of children and young adults, and the lack of accountability on the part of the leaders in this church.

I am no amateur armchair apologist, but I am a survivor of (heterosexual) priest abuse,1952. As a result of this scandal, which is worldwide and in all denominations, I am overjoyed to know for a fact that I am not the only person who had this devasting experience and that I no longer have to live in fear or be silent.

As for the leaders in this church, they will never change, nor should they have to.

Let those who choose to follow in their footsteps do so. Their spirituality is their own responsibility.

Christ's message remains clear to those of us who care about our children. They are our future, yours and mine.

"We are the ones we have been waiting for."
--Hopi Nation, Oraibi, Arizona

Survivor said...

Accountabilism.... Perfection? No person is asking for perfection. Survivors are only asking for accountability for criminal actions. Who is going to accept accountability for the victim who took their own life because no one would believe their truthful stories? Who gets the murder charge when the victim takes their own life in desperation?

Hmmm. What bishop has claimed their personal accountability to the priestly pederasty shuffle? All they seem to say is forgive forgive forgive, and blame that they were ignorant that having sex with children was a crime. I understand that all these bishops have reached the age of reason, or have they just reached the age to reason away culpability.

The sad fact is that the present bishops are accountable, yet what state’s District Attorney has the courage to throw away their legal career by bringing criminal charges against a bishop?

In no case have the bishops willingly changed their policies until they were forced to by legal actions. Had the bishops done what was right at the get-go, then there never would have been a need for any survivor or their families to take a stand for what is undeniably right.

Instead, we have found out the hideous truths about many bishops. Intolerable truths that are merely minimized and ignored by the sheeple due to their cognitive dissonance.

Perfection – No Accountable - Yes

Cure of Ars said...

Kay thanks for your response and I am sorry for the abuse that happened to you. It is true that your experience is not an isolated occurrence. My understanding is that one in four woman in the U.S. have been sexually assaulted. The majority of the perpetrator being people they know and trust, usually family. Things are in a sad state of affairs within the Church and without.

I think you did not fully understand what I am referring to by the term “accountablism.” I am not saying that bishops, priests, and laity should not be accountable for our children. I am saying that ineffective/counter productive changes should not be implemented just so we can feel like something has been done.

May Christ continue to lead you

Cure of Ars said...


I think you misunderstand what I am saying by the term “accountablism.” I am not saying that Bishops, Priests, and Laity should not be accountable. I agree that sexual perpetrators, even those who are priests, should be dealt with through the criminal system. We are called by Christ to forgive though. Although forgiveness does not mean we need to let those priests have access to our children and not pay the full penalty for their crimes.

May God bless you