Sunday, September 10, 2006

53 Beads on a String

This was my first Catholic Rap CD and I still listen to it. The Apologist’s conversion story is very interesting. His father was Muslim and his mother was Baptist and he found his way into the Catholic Church. He is currently in Mexico bringing people to Christ and his Church. If you do nothing else you need to listen to this the song...53 beads on a string. Simply Awesome.

The apologist is a lay member of Miles Jesu . Here is a little bit about Miles Jesu.
Miles Jesu (Latin for "Soldier of Jesus") is a form of consecrated life in the Church for the laity, known as an Ecclesial Family of Consecrated Life, whose purpose is "to instill Catholic ideals and goals in the world to further the Kingdom of Christ, making Him the Center of all human life". The Holy Father himself is consistently promoting such forms of consecrated life as something especially inspired by the Holy Spirit for the needs of our times."

Apologist home page
Miles Jesu

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