Sunday, August 27, 2006

Cocaine Vs Breast-feeding

...In one study, mother rats were given the opportunity to press a bar and get a squirt of cocaine or press a bar and get a rat pup to suck their nipples...Those oxytocin squirts in the brain outscored a snort of cocaine every time.

The quote is from the book The Female Brain by Louann Brizedine and I found it on this blog. The bond between a mother and her infant is very stong, stronger than cocaine even. This points to the speical bond between Mary and Jesus.


Anonymous said...

I am a breastfeeding mother and this is very easy for me to believe. Even when I am feeling a little down when I breast feed, I get this sense of energy and start to feel great. I have always wanted to do a study on postpartum comparing mothers who breast feed vs. mothers who bottle feed. Then determine what hormone is released during breast feeding that causes the natural high (as I like to call it).

Cure of Ars said...

My wife is a breastfeeding mother right now as well. Oxytocin is the hormone released during breastfeeding. The study would be interesting. Thanks for commenting.

trixipaws said...

that is something i can understand! i used to be a regular cocaine user for 7 years, i stopped when i found out i was pregnant unexpectedly. i breast-fed my baby for 8 months until i returned to work, and her first tooth appeared, and she'd started pulling at my top which i felt was a sign she was now too old for it (think "little britain"!)
well, i found breast-feeding MUCH harder to quit than cocaine was! i missed it so much i was rather shocked at how emotional i felt about it!
i dont crave cocaine but i do crave oxytocin, i dont blame the rats for choosing it!

vinu said...

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