Thursday, June 02, 2005

Indirect approach: Comic Art

Indirect approach: Comic Art

The anti-Catholic Jack Chick has been using them against us for years. Chick’s comics have been the source of a good laugh (I guess to keep from crying) but these comics have really done a lot of damage in promoting lies. We need to wake up and start to use all forms of art to give glory to God and defend the truth. Comics are a great indirect approach to apologetics. People do not question pictures and they just influence us in ways that words don’t. Although words are superior in portraying truth, we live in a very visual culture. Words go in one ear and out the other, but pictures seem to stay with us. Now I just need to learn to draw.

From the mainstream comic world there is not much in the department of Catholic super heroes. But there is one exception…


Granted, he is a former carnie, that looks like a devil, who did not have the strength to give up sex for Christ, but what do you expect. But there is something about him that is very cool.

As for real Catholic superhero’s there is the following;

St. Francis of Assisi Comic Book

I actually had this comic book on St. Francis when I was a kid. It really did have a positive affect on me. St. Francis was my favorite saint when I was growing up.

Padre Pio Comic Book

Pope John Paul II Comic Book

And here is a great example how comics and humor can defend in a very effective way against something as evil as the culture of death.

Pro-Life Comic Umbert the Unborn

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