Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Feminism good, Patriarchy bad?

Patriarchy is a system that gives  incentives (i.e. privilege) to men so they will be motivated to invest in women and children.  Ultimately it is a win-win-win-win system for both men, women, children and society.  If not then why are women less happy now then when America had a functioning patriarchy? Is it better now that children raised in single parent homes has doubled in the past 50 years?

Female head of household (matriarchy) have skyrocketed in the last 40 years but why does this also overlap with inequality and childhood poverty in America?

I am not saying that feminism didn't have some positives  (like the freedom for women voting and being able to choose to go into the workforce).  I am also not saying that patriarchy didn't have negative aspects and abuses but come on.  My grandfathers on both sides were coal miners.  They were underground most of the day risking their lives so that they could provide for their wives and families.  Now who was more oppressed?  My grandmothers that were home raising children or my grandfather's miles underground digging coal?  

I have a wife and four daughters.  My worries for my daughters is not that they will not have freedom and opportunities but that they will be unable to find worthy men that will have the incentives to begin the journey to  lay down their lives for their families like Christ did for the Church.   

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