Monday, May 04, 2009

Prolife Movement Weakness

In the Biblical story of David and Goliath, David initially put on a coat of mail and a brass helmet and girded himself with a sword: he prepared to wage a conventional battle of swords against Goliath. But then he stopped. “I cannot walk in these, for I am unused to it,” he said (in Robert Alter’s translation), and picked up those five smooth stones. What happened, Arreguín-Toft wondered, when the underdogs likewise acknowledged their weakness and chose an unconventional strategy? He went back and re-analyzed his data. In those cases, David’s winning percentage went from 28.5 to 63.6. When underdogs choose not to play by Goliath’s rules, they win, Arreguín-Toft concluded, “even when everything we think we know about power says they shouldn’t.Malcolm Gladwell

The prolife movement is in the underdog position. As such it needs to acknowledge its weakness and chose an unconventional [indirect] strategy. The weaknesses as I see them and a quick answer….

  1. It makes us uncomfortable to make others uncomfortable. (blessed are those that mourn)
  2. We don’t want to look intolerant. (blessed are the meek)
  3. We don't want to be judgmental. (blessed those who hunger and seek righteousness)
  4. We don’t want to make people face hard realities and give up potential goals and resources. (blessed are the poor)
  5. We fall for the compartmentalization of separation of Christian ethics from government. (blessed are the pure of heart)
  6. We don’t like to fight. (blessed are the peacemaker)
  7. We don’t want to further hurt those who have had abortions. (blessed are the merciful)
  8. We don’t want to be hated. (blessed are persecuted for seeking righteousness for my sake)

The unconventional strategy should be to follow Jesus in the beatitudes without hesitation.

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