Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Argument from Pedophilia

I try to stay non-political as possible on this blog. But I am making an exception to address two common arguments made against the Catholic truth. To see the two arguments watch the following exchange between Sean Hannity and Father Euteneuer.

The main argument made by Hannity was, “Judge not lest ye be judged” If we were to follow this statement in the way that Hannity is using it then we would never be able to correct anyone. You wouldn’t be able to tell anyone there wrong. Jesus is not saying not to correct people, he is saying not to judge peoples souls. Father Euteneuer did not say that Hannity was going to hell. What he was doing was one of the Spiritual works of mercy, admonish the sinner.

The other argument Sean Hannity made was playing the priest sex abuse scandal card. Here is Father Euteneuer’s response...

Most surprising of all, however, was Hannity’s use of what I call the “argument from pedophilia” namely, the tendency to fall back on the Church sex abuse scandal when you’re losing an argument with a priest and have to grab for something. I have had people do this to me in front of abortion clinics, at Da Vinci Code protests and in private conversations about Catholicism for the past several years. Let’s just say I didn’t expect it from Hannity! Link

Using the priest abuse scandle as an argument against the Church is like saying Jesus' teaching is not true because of Judas. The priest abuse scandal does not stem from the teachings of the Catholic Church. It stems from sinners that are in and always will be in the Church.


Catholic Psychology said...

I myself, a psychotherapist by profession, have run groups with sexual abuser and so on. I agree with you on this matter. How I have put it in the past, priests who sexually abused in the Church, were never "of" the Church (Only wolves in sheep clothing.) I've also been in close proximity to pediphilia in Protestant Churches, as it was only 5 years ago when I gratefully returned to the Roman Catholic Church. (Thanks-again)
Jim Hogue ( catholicpsychology@hotmail.com )

Hidden One said...

If only the Catholic version of Godwin's law [should be able to Google it, made quite a stir awhile ago] was better known.

Martin O'Shea said...

A graphic novel which may interest visitors to your blog is available from:


'The Least Among Us' explores the response of the Church to suffering in itself and a preview is available at: http://www.all-creatures.org/fol/ann-theleast.html

Whilst the book challenges certain attitudes and dogma it remains a Catholic (if underground) comic.

All best wishes,