Saturday, September 03, 2005

Introducing possibilities that act as Triggers

I was reading a book called The Tipping Point and it gave me an idea. In the book it talks about a study that was done with a pamphlet on tetanus with college students. They found that the students learned the information that was in the pamphlet, and that they believed the information, but despite this only 3% went out and got a tetanus shot. They did a follow-up study and this time they again handed out the same pamphlet but they included practical information of a map of where the campus clinic was and times when the shots were available. They then found that 28% of the students obtained a tetanus shot. The practical information was not anything that the students didn't already know but it acted like a trigger helping them make the first step.

Like the pamphlet we have been giving out good information and a lot of people believe but there is not the trigger that gets them to actively seek entrance into the Catholic Church. So some of my friends at Phatmass and I came up with this link that gives practical and simple steps on how to become Catholic. Please post this link on you websites to introduce people to the possiblity of entering the Catholic Church. May it be a trigger with God's grace.

Want to become Catholic?

It won’t let me place the code within the blog for some reason. So please go HERE for the code.

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