Monday, May 30, 2005

My Intentions for this Blog

I am using this blog to help develop my skills as a Catholic apologist. I am involved in a group of fellow Catholic apologists that dialogue with others to bring people to the pillar and foundation of Truth. I will be using this blog as my personal soundboard to help facilitate creative ideas and strategies in defending the bride of Christ. I appreciate any comments, concerns, criticism, encouragement, and prayers that you have.


Mom said...

Great. It will be interesting to review your progress in this over the years.

Rick Lugari said...

For the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls I wish you much success.

Here is a resource that will probably come in handy. It is an interactive chart cataloging what the early Church fathers had said regarding particular doctrines.

It was created by a fellow blogger and he has done a very nice job with it. His blog address is

Again, best wishes.

Ann said...

thanks for sharing!! this blog has been very enlightening & provide a good foundational groundings for all apologists, veteran or budding :) Keep up the great job! :)